Autotex Autoclean Rollers For Ring Frames

An effective cleaning mechanism by Autoclean Roller.

Autotex is once again introduced an innovative solution, creating a new revolution to the Textile Industry with “Autoclean Roller”.

Thanks to the ergonomically designed Autoclean roller, fibres sticking to the cots are removed by pushing angularly out of the cots.

The fanning effect created by autoclean Roller, during the rotation prevents entering micro dust and fly in fluff towards the cots zone.

Autoclean rollers are capable to maintain the surface temperature of the cots close to the ambient temperature which avoids loose lapping of fibres on the cots. The life of Autoclean roller is endurance tested and ensured for trouble free performance for more than 5 years.

Designed for flexible usage in Compact Ring spinnings.

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