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Pressure Hose & Textile Spares

Company Profile

Dilip An Company., renders services and supply spares that are exclusively used by clients in Textiles Spinning Industries.
Envisioned in the year 2000, Dilip An Company.has created a name for itself in the textile industry.The company caters to the requirements of industry for quality spare parts and maintenance and services.
Our amplitude of exemplary products are made from different raw materials as per the customers needs and their requirements.We monitor the quality of the materials that are procured from our vendors to certify that only best grade lot is utilized to produce the spare parts.
Dilip An Company., is a supplier & exporter of textile spinning machinery replacement parts & accessories.The company is well established as an apexbody in the community of textile engineers.
Dilip An Company., is driven by quality… determined to offer quality products.Our motto is to be a reliable supplier of competitively priced spare parts of excellent quality.
With the changes in the Textile and Machinery Technologies at the Global Level the company has its products upgraded to cater the over all demand for quality replacement parts and accessories.
Dilip An Company., is one of the supplier and service providers catering to the entire requirement of the textile spinning industry.Our products and services solve multifarious purposes of our customers engaged in textile industry its quality spares are used by.

Spares Against Catalogue and Drawing Numbers

We can supply all makes and model spinning mill yarn producing machine spares and Accessories based on Catalogue snd Drawing numbers.

As quickly as possible to run the machines without keeping it idle.